Jargon 1.1

Where are we? And whats that thing dangling at the end of my sight where that bright light is coming from?- said a snake that we just began observing after it gained consciousness. I say "said" because we heard it say in its own slang. 

This snake my dear observer was exposed to a shock therapy, a seclusion therapy, a room therapy, a silent torture therapy, we bombed its family and gassed its nest out..., yes my dears, we made everything possible to make out of our subject an objet interesting enough to be told about.

This means: 

It woke up (the snake) and started chasing the first movement it saw, which in this case happened to be its own end. You may have heard stories , or seen videos about snakes eating their own tail and subsequently choking on it. A professor at  the academy, told me that this happens only to snakes captivated in terrariums, she has a phd in biology and 66 snakes, so i assumed she´d be right. Nonetheless we unanimously agreed to release this one , and this surprised thou narrator, because it kept chasing its tail for the coming years thus forming a path that could´ ve easily been mistaken ( from my point of view) for a perfect circle if given observer wouldn´ t already know that circles are just another manifestation of loops.



Imagine what the snake (which was chasing its tail for years) said to itself when it reckoned another snake:

This happened so fast that it was almost as if the snake, tired of never reaching its other end, started to imagine another snake to chase. 

I, your narrator saw it also, not the snake, but the need to move on. 

As fast as this idea came to your narrators and the snakes mind, the snake switched course and traded its tail for the tale of freshman snake that showed up outta nowhere. An era of chase and otherness began which made me wisheth i never broughtet the 2nd snake to the field.

Yes my dears, the second reptile was as real as the first, which is actually no reference at all. Important is to mention that given pseudo circular path seemed to be interrupted; but what any carefull observer can distinguish in retrospective is that the form is secondary to the direction.



After chase and time the snake found the head of the other, not at the end of its digested body, as one would expect from swallowing a snake from the tail onwards! no.

This snake found its others head face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth, making out of this instant a very interesting moment for both of our snakes and your observer and you, kind reader, all subjects which in historical retrospective are likely to depend on the resolution of given event. 

That moment, when both of the snakes got a grip onto each other with their respectively venomous fangs passed as fast as one can imagine to be poisoned and subsequently die from it. As both animals in case were the same under different skin, non of them died (im not a sadist, any certificated spectator would know when to interfere to save a life, also non would be so stupid to report about forbiden-machiavellic behavior). 

One cannot deny that it took some time until your narrator noticed what really happened at that moment, because he had forgotten both: that he brought the second snake to test the first one and that there was only one snake to be observed.



Now (then) i remember(ed) 

That two so called circles could be traced in grass paths, and some people would have called it an eight or infinite, because they could not precisely be distinguishable from each other, the so called “circles”.

This is the point of my report that puts my position as a narrator at risk, because I, my dear, was confused at such magnitude that could not distinguish one snake from the other, the real from the fake, the subject from the object, the first from the second.

This happening flipped my research and (im telling this only to you): made me rewrite my past field-records in such a way that my role as a naturalist couldn’t be put in question. Both snakes where poisoning its counterpart, non of them let loose of the others tail, and from our positions it seemed that both had caught their respective ends.

Jargon 2.0


And it took some time that felt like years for one snake to realize that this was nonsense. 

Even for animals survival or defeat isn’t enough, as there was no point in going in semi-ecliptic, pseudo-round orbits, the smartest snake (from the point of view of an observer that cherishes life more than starvation led by incessant struggle) let go of the other’s. But it was only then when its tail was overlaid with the one it itself was chasing, some might call it a “good” move some may call it “sadist”. 

This is the point where we return to the same blank image we had at the beginning of our experiment, a desperate snake chasing its tale, and this time it “knew” that it was not its own.

But the other snake really knew what it had achieved and crept around maybe because of curiosity but probable because of hunger. Some may call this a perfect example of auto-hologrammatic motivation or sth. like that but i, your narrator, would like to call it mere stupidity and remind you once more, that the snake in question was not in captivity.

What it did couldn’t have been foreseen because according to my teacher only snakes in terrarium’s do what the snake in question did, and i, my reader, i always believed in what my teacher said. 

Brake OFF


**And so the power unleashed itself into a global scale, tearing walls down so the snake became one and could finally reach its tale as it realized that the other snake was also itself.**

“I thought i could have been sure of which snake was which after one started showing a type of behavior that had been shown before.”


The snake started to do what snakes do after they catch their pray, disjoint their mandibles (all 4 of them), stretch 2 of them forward and hook their teeth in the skin of given prey, then they pull those mandibles back and stretch the other 2, like this they literally push their food inside of them.How the situation looks now is more like the snake is not only pulling itself inside but also, eventually, pushing itself outside in.

On my behalf, as an observer, i cannot interfere. On one recount i see myself smiling, proving a point to my, at that time already long dead professor; on the other hand i felt disappointed of myself for not releasing each of her 66 snakes free, and wait until each one of them would eat itself up, tails first.

On another account i remember me remembering all the videos i found on youtube about such incidents, i remember also how in everyone of them, the person filming released the snake from the jaws its other end had wrapped around. That made me feel sad, and small and genially perverted. At that bygone time i was a person guarding a strong moral code and following a strict ethical playbook, so i didn’t do anything because it would have meant that i would’ve not only been observer but also a snake.

some other version places me waiting for the body to renew itself, because thats how this works, or?, when a snake eats itself it means that it automatically renews the rest of its body, stuck like this forever through the ages of civilization…. so i made a picture

i mean its just animals ne? like a cockfight of one cock versus itself, disintegration of nature, asfixia by inertia.

———on our privy footnote i can tell you my most confidential reader that i also recall me remembering 2 snakes, one fighting for its life as the other started swallowing it, from the back up, in one piece (because snakes cannot cut their meat). I know such reptiles scream only in dreams but i swear that in this memory both given reptiles screamed. One imploring for forgiveness and the other one, our hero: “IM GONNA EATZ YOU IN WAN-o- PIZZ MOTHERFUCKER. Last being of course, just another version of what could’ve had happened..



And here we are, inside the snake, as it finally reached its back of its head with its mouth with all the rest of its body reaching itself outside in. 

So here we are, where skin touches itself

organs are not anymore separate entities in this cluster of function which operates for it-self, and this makes us wonder, me, your dear narrator if it ever was different.

At this point, devoted reader, we can even ask if not the snake(s) has already been eaten by a bigger snake that ate at least 2 more so that “ours” could entertain eat-self , maybe, after enough time has passed our snake will find the one IT ate, deep at the end of its race against itself.